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So you have modest knowledge of software development and unique ideas to boost your business but are not sure which solution would give highest results and conversion. Check out how Bit Veda can help you achieve exactly what you want

* Communicate your ideas with professionals at Bit Veda. They will explore your vision, compare notes and work out a detailed specification to bring those ideas into reality.
* Our Experts will add on the requisite software development knowledge and will help you choose the right solution backed with right and robust technology.
* After a careful functional analysis of your current requirements, business analysts at Bit Veda will provide you with elaborated and flexible solutions considering not only your current but also future business demands
* Bit Veda understands the value of time and thereby provides you with most effective and time-specific solutions at affordable prices.

Being a business leader, Bit Veda recognizes the need of flexibility, security and effectiveness of software solution. With an assurance of high quality, Bit Veda helps its customers achieve highest results with maximized ROI. Fill out the form given below stating your specifications and expectations.


Combined with our other offerings, 4th Dimension enables our clients to achieve more than just cost savings. It can help enterprises drive business strategy through the appropriate use of Technology and User Experience.

4th Dimension is our proprietary delivery methodology that enables the On-site/Offshore model. This approach is the key to predictably delivering measurable business results and cost savings on solution implementations. Bit Veda enterprise-class multi-disciplinary teams work with our clients to articulate the business objectives for their technology investment and establish specific, measurable success criteria. We build capabilities through a series of small, rapid iterations, focusing on delivering business value in each iteration while mitigating risks early by developing a vertical slice of architecturally significant use cases.

In our experience, clients face the following common challenges:

Risk mitigation and iteration planning
Change management, vision and scope
Requirements engineering, object modeling
Cross competencies integration
Reuse & knowledge exchange
Distributed development
Reluctance to learn the process and modeling
Scaling teams without a steep learning curve
Inappropriate/insufficient issues escalation
Underestimation of systems engineering tasks
Measurement of the project progress
Minimal use of quality tools
Project estimation
Application support
Scalable and flexible enterprise-class architecture

At Bit Veda, we have spent an extensive amount of time to create 4th Dimension and have proven this on projects of wide range of profiles. We have developed the best practices and guidelines that address the above mentioned issues to predictably deliver superior quality results on schedule and under budget. This process is not a "silver bullet", but it is flexible and is tailored before the start of new projects by taking the project size, complexity, team, On-site/OffShore Model, Technology and various other important factors into consideration.