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Web Designing

More than 85% of the websites on the Internet are either poorly designed or are outdated! How effective is your web presence?

Here are several factors to consider when it comes to your web presence:

-Visually attractive design that conforms to your particular industry requirements
-Streamlined navigation that makes it easy to find pertinent information
-Usability Architecture that stresses ease of use for the intended end-users
-Search engine friendly framework for proper indexing by search engines
-Managed content where the text, graphics/images & media can be updated quickly
-Use of advanced technology (AJAX, jQuery etc) for enhanced end-user experience

Why do we build custom websites? Custom websites allow for uniqueness. We create custom designs for each and every one of our clients. We never use pre-generated templates to build any of our websites. Every website is built based on the evaluation of your brand, your requirements and your specifications.

Given the highly subjective nature of website and web page design, we rely on our senses to a great extent when deciding whether we like a certain visual design compared to another. Our websites are designed to be highly functional yet aesthetically and visually pleasing. Check out some websites that we have recently completed.

Our custom website design follows an exhaustive process (illustrated below) that takes into account all major aspects of custom web site design. You can click on the image below to get more details about the website design process. And if you are ready to start your website, request a free estimate right away.
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