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[ enterprise-class product development offering ]

Enterprise-class Product Development Offering is targeted to help our client use a dedicated team to help in their product development. Leveraging 4th Dimension On-site/Offshore model, our enterprise-class software development team can be the extension of your core team to build and roll out your products with superior quality while being cost effective. This allows you to dedicate your time on other pressing issues and maximizing value. .
Solutions we provide

Discover, design, develop, and deliver standards based enterprise architectures and frameworks

Complete solution outsourcing to transform strategy into system

Develop Use Cases, Object Models, Data Models and Intellectual property

Provide estimation and measurement

Help identify gaps between current state of product and future requirements

Add new features to your product

Re-architect the existing product to make it highly scalable

Develop additional presentation frameworks for your product (for example, .NET, J2EE, RoR, or any other smart clients interface)

Evaluate and customize third-party software packages

Migrate data for existing deployments

Maintain legacy systems and features

Plan capacity and design infrastructure

Procure, install and configure development, test, staging and production environment hardware, software & networks

Provide operational support


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