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Quality assurance offering

Quality assurance focuses primarily on the evaluation and assessment of software quality. Our test efforts are driven by questions such as "how could this software break?", "in what possible situations could this software fail to function predictably?", and "how many concurrent users this system can handle under the acceptable response time and throughput"?
Quality is not a simple concept to describe. There is no single perspective of what quality is and how it is measured. Quality can not happen by itself. For quality to be achieved, a process must be implemented, adhered to, and measured. We consider the following dimensions to measure quality: functionality, usability, reliability, performance and supportability.
Solutions we provide
• Functional testing to validate the target functions are intended, providing the required services, methods and use cases
• Usability testing to validate consistency in user interface, human factors, context sensitive help etc
• Reliability testing to validate robustness and technical compliance to language, syntax and resource usage
• Performance Analysis and Optimization to ensure that technology achieves the business objectives
• Supportability testing to ensure target system is portable as intended on different hardware and software configurations

Openness we greatly value our people and seek to empower them. We believe in the free flow of information, regardless of rank or power, so that everyone has access to the most complete data in order to make the best decisions. We maximize transparency to create an environment where every individual is accessible and encouraged to contribute, and where each thought is valued and factored into making decisions.
Teamwork we believe that a good team is stronger than the sum of its parts. True teamwork and true partnership assumes an intimate understanding and alignment of each other's goals and requires each party to actively care for and trust the other. We always strive to treat our clients, investors and colleagues as partners.
Innovation We believe in always learning and innovating. We encourage and reward those who challenge conventional wisdom, take risks and speak out. We believe that inspiring people to grow is good for the individual, good for our clients and good for the business. Our commitment to ideas, achievement and service has made us highly successful in the global market.

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